Third Full Moon of Spring

by Elder Mountain Dreaming

Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Hello Dreamers, Healers, Seers, Artists, Empaths, Pagans and Witches and everyone under the Moon… We now enter our last Full Moon of Spring on May 29th,  2018, and we begin to watch our signs starting today. My student this week mentioned Parcae and it shined when she shared the word. They are the female personifications of destiny and fate. They are often called the Fates in Roman mythology and their Greek counterparts are the Moirai. They control the threads of life and are weavers of life & death of every mortal and over all immortals.

The Parcae didn’t have an asteroid when I looked to place them in this Full Moons chart, so I put instead the asteroids: Altropos (#273, 1 Libra); Nortia (#2025, 1 Cancer) and Moira (#638, 7 Gemini). Someone had bought the asteroid Moira, and named it after an Anime character who has the…

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