Slavic “Washing with Flowers” Spring Ritual

by Elder Mountain Dreaming

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –Washing your self or your sacred items, special stones and tools for healing on your spiritual journey: “Washing with Flowers” is a Slavic Spring Ritual which includes washing the self to purify in the spring season. Its also about washing with your sacred symbols and is most popular is in central Bosnia and Northern Slovakia (closer to the Czech border).
Ritual flower baths and purifications are very ancient and the Slavic people were no different in their appreciation of the natural abundance and flowers of earth. To do your ritual bath or to cleanse your spiritual toos:

Early in the morning to out and collect many different types of flowers, take a large decorated or sacred bowl filling it with water (spring water is best). But the flowers inthe large bowl and let them sit overnight. You shouldn’t bring the flowers into the…

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