What’s Blocking Your Connection To Source?

By Amy Brucker

A client of mine made a strong confession during our first session together:

My purpose is calling, I can feel it. I just can’t get to it.

Not for lack of trying, I’m definitely trying, but something isn’t working.

She wanted to make money by engaging her purpose. She wanted to have fun integrating her spiritual gifts into her work.

Yet at the core of her desires, what she really wanted was to feel deeply connected to her Soul. She wanted life to flow through her instead of getting stuck at the logjam created by the belief she’d inherited from her grandfather: “Poverty is a Virtue.”

Instead of flow she felt anxious.

She wasn’t getting any sleep. She was exhausted. She was getting older.

And the possibility of one more birthday without the deep Soul connection she desired was more than she could bear.

The Hidden Impact of the Ancestral Wound

The people who walked before you gave you a gift.

Some of these gifts were received willingly—a little praise, a touch of encouragement.

Others came with less enthusiasm—a bit of criticism, a dash of judgment.

The gifts were obvious and impactful, but you saw them for what they were, and dealt with them in your own special way.

But other gifts were more insidious. They were fear-based beliefs woven into good intentions, passed down from generation to generation. Like the affirmation “poverty is a virtue”, these gifts keep on giving, trapping you in behaviors that don’t serve you, locking you in patterns and cycles that create barriers instead of blessings.

In other words, these “gifts” often cause more harm than good.

So how do you know if you’ve inherited one of these “good-intention gifts”?

You know because they confuse you, break your spirit, and take you further away from your Soul’s greatest potential until you feel bound in place and unable to create the life you know you were meant to live.

You may even be hugely successful in your life, freely and easily creating things like a career and wealth, yet if the Ancestral Wound is at play, despite your success, everything will lack the depth and heartfelt meaning you desire.

Acting as a spell, the ancestral wound binds you so even though you move forward, toward your full potential, you do so with the speed of molasses. Your head may feel cloudy, uncertain. You might second guess your motives.

Trust in your Soul? That has been hijacked.

That’s how you know you’ve inherited an Ancestral Wound.

Uncovering the Ancestral Wound

Imagine Source (God) is a river flowing freely and that the water has everything you need to feel fulfilled. Ancestral Wounds are logjams that block the flow, making it difficult for you to access the full power of your Divine connection.

Source energy is flowing to you every minute of every day, but when the Ancestral Wound is interfering you can’t sense it, so you don’t access it easily. You end up feeling disconnected, alone, maybe even isolated, and this is when anxiety, sleeplessness, and panic set in.

My clients come to me for help in removing the logjam that keeps their life from flowing freely. We always begin with an ancestral exploration to uncover the stories that were passed down from generation to generation. In charting these stories, we discover beliefs, behaviors, and habits that became logs in my clients’ river.

Some clients find their ancestral path to be filled with obvious problems, like alcoholism to hide sadness, or money dramas that nearly destroyed the family.

Others notice more subtle, but just as impactful wounds, like disconnected parents who put food on the table, but left out the most important ingredient–love and affection.

Whatever the wound is, I can see them, sitting there, taking up space in my client’s life, preventing them from moving forward with the grace that could be.

Transforming the Ancestral Wound

The good news is that your logjam is really an array of gifts that need to be opened and put to good use. They may feel like burdens, but once you engage them, you realize you have something that can heal you. The gifts just need some coaxing so they can be transformed into soul medicine: helpful insights that help you grow into your full potential.

When my client and I explored her “Poverty is a Virtue” story, we were able to tap into the origin of the drama, heal it, release it, and replace it with “Abundance is a Virtue.” Afterward she slept better than she’d slept in 10 years. Her soul energy began to move freely through her, and she felt much more at peace.

Healing begins with the soul medicine that comes with awareness.

Where in your life is there a logjam preventing you from experiencing the depth of your full potential?

When will you release it?

sweet dreams,


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