Elder Mountain Dreaming

Elder Mountain Dreaming

We are a small three fold sacred space created by Phoenix the Elder, Wisdom Teacher, Dreamer and Folk Healer;  Jennifer Lee Reeves – Dreamer, Sacred Artist and Gardener; and Sarah Burnt Stone – Dreamer, Artist and Dancer. Dreamer’s Collective for those who are devoted to the practices of Dreaming, Spiritual Artist’s Creative & Retreat and Gardens located in the Pacific Northwest, Ashland Oregon. Opening Spring Equinox 2019. ElderMountainDreaming@gmail.com

My beautiful home

Baba is the universal word for grandmother and in Slavic and Balkan traditions before paganism, she was the direct lineage to what is known as Bone Mother, a pre-shamanic culture of dreaming. Phoenix the Elder was fated this lifetime from birth as the next dreamer in her family’s lineage, a humble servant to mother earth. Szeptun (Szeptucha, Whisperer) in Polish and Mol’farka in Ukraine; called Shaman to many other cultures. Her elders were from Tyczyn, Poland, a Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Rzeszów and Lubaczów near the border of…

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