Mother of Goddess – Matushka Zemlia – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Poem by Phoenix of Elder Mountain, Image of the Goddess and Daughter by Katya Filippova

Katya Filippova

Matushka Zemlia

Blessings upon me from the Mother of the Moist  Earth from whom the Soul and the Children of the Souls are born. I take your hand as you are the binding that weaves me into matter. There is nothing false about the Mother Goddess and all she contains, the great Creator of Life.

Great Mother of the dark fertile Earth and the light of the Sun, where we honor all your Blessings and Abundance. We call to you great Mother (Earth), your names are Mati Syra Zemila, the Supreme Goddess Mokosh and Matka who guides the Wisest Ones to speak with the animals, the plants or a single leaf, and the greatest magic of the flower and clouds, the spirit of the wind and the water. Snow, rain, fog and mist.

You are the gift of prophesy and reincarnation, the house where the soul rests. Hail to our Mother who we in our heart, may bring Joy to your garden of love.


Source: Mother of Goddess – Matushka Zemlia – Elder Mountain Dreaming

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