You Were Born for This – Amy Brucker

Have you ever held an apple seed in your hand and realized you’re holding an orchard?

In 5 years, that one seed starts to produce about 1000 apples a year.

Each apple has about 10 seeds. That’s 10,000 seeds from one tree.

In five years, each one of those 10,000 seeds can produce a tree that produces 1000 apples.

That’s another 10,000,000 apples and 100,000,000 seeds a year.

All from a little ol’ seed.

You’re no different.

Within You is an Orchard Just Waiting to Bloom

You were born to bear fruit, and I don’t mean children. You were born with seeds that show up as ideas and desires, and you have an entire DIVINE DESIGN, or blueprint, within you to help you grow them.

But when all you’re looking at are the tiny seeds or ideas that stir in your heart, it’s easy to see them as insignificant.

You might see other people’s fully grown orchards and think, “Wow. They have a huge orchard and all I have are tiny seeds.”

Then you might start second guessing yourself. “I wonder if my seeds are viable. How do I know they’ll grow? If my seeds were viable wouldn’t I already have an orchard?”

On and on go the questions, the comparing, the doubt.


To make matters more complicated, you might be disconnected from your Inner Orchard, your greatest potential, without even realizing it. You might be dismissing the signs of your true gifts because they look mundane, like a tiny apple seed. Small, brown, still.

Yet when you finally see the true potential of those tiny seeds, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities of what you might create–a fully functioning retreat center, a multi-million dollar business, a published book with a movie contract.

And you might start to wonder “how” you could possibly turn this seed into an entire orchard, this idea for a book into a real book, this idea for a retreat center into a real retreat center.

You might worry about how to grow it. How to find the money. How to find the people. The resources. The time.

And all of that worrying is poison that makes it difficult for nature to take its course. The more you release worry, concern, fear, etc., the more you allow the flow of guidance to come through you.

So remember this: the apple seed has nearly everything it needs within it to grow into an orchard. All it requires externally is a little TLC. It needs rich soil, water, sun, bees for pollination, and animals to eat the apples and poop out the seeds. But that’s about it and all of those things are free. Just a little TLC, free from nature, and an apple seed can do all the rest on its own.

You’re no different. […]

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