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Decision Fatigue – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Decision Fatigue by Phoenix of Elder Mountain:

The up and coming adults in their mid life transformation (midlife crisis for those who didn’t prepare), have a specific issue for their generation: The Pluto in Libra was group born between 1971 and 1982 (45 years old down to the age 34) as a world wide group of people who have Libra issues to contend with in their archetype and of the bigger picture in their lives in their early to mid-forties.I found many of the Decision Fatigue articles written by men and didn’t seem to cover women’s issues or reality, or the emotional sides of issues, so I thought I would share the emotionally draining fatigue that women (and some men) must deal with in this generation:

1. Finding Balance;
2. Right Relationship with Peers;
3. Making Decisions with Scrutiny. 

la-balance-4In decision making, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long duration of decision making. It is now understood as one of the causes of irrational trade-offs in decision making. For instance, judges in court have been shown to make less favorable decisions later in the day than early in the day by a study of Psychologists. Decision fatigue may also lead to consumers making poor choices with emotional issues at home and become enablers not only of their own behaviors which are draining but also passing it onto their children in their emotional relationships.There is a paradox in that “people who lack choices seem to want them and often will fight for them,” yet at the same time, “people find that making many choices can be [psychologically and emotionally] aversive.”

Decision fatigue can lead people to avoid decisions entirely, a phenomenon called “Decision avoidance” or projecting it onto a spouse to make all the decisions and then becoming angry it wasn’t done the way they wished it to be done. Passive aggressive decision fatigue syndrome. The Virgo in Pluto group had to deal with the onset of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – but many Libra in Pluto people tend to be healthy physically when they apply a routine such as yoga class or meditation and don’t show the same physical signs of stress. They are showing that its a mental sign of distress.

Decisions are a mental body process, but true “right relationship” to our life, family, friends and our world are instinctual relationships based on our “known values” and instinct is our emotional body. If we do not know what our values are, this can be troublesome because the mental body is linear, it cannot see or perceive holistically or 360 degrees in personal decision making. This is where the trouble begins for this particular generation in this particular stressful issue.

The younger Libra generation who are reaching full adulthood (37-45) now, are at the Midlife and life is asking them to make “important decisions based on right relationship to find balance” more than other generations. The group older than the Libra group are the Pluto in Virgo generation (1957 – 1970) who at their midlife had to contend and deal with Virgo’s archetype of Health & Communications and getting things in order and structured.

This can lead to Decision Fatigue, not only personally but adding to a complex and overwhelming modern technological age of too much information, which at midlife, its a third layer on top of an already busy life in the ‘fullness of life’ of a three stages of a persons life. This can lead to bad decisions when one is exhausted or no decisions of meaning at the most important time of life. Learning to free up some decision making space and learning to say “no” in huge amounts is important. This is because the Pluto in Libra generation has much more relationship issues than they recognize. A lot more to the many, many relationship and life decisions that are knocking them off balance day by day, once the thirties are over.
Since Libra, Leo and Scorpio are the three “social, love, and partnership relationship signs (sun or moon), verses the family relationship signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus, the Libra generation needs its mirrors of friends, partnerships and social partnerships in order to see the self more clearly. This can up the amount of decisions, especially if married with children or raising children within a divorced home.

indexSo if you are having overwhelming decision fatigue making you too tired from the chaos within, i heard a great interview on the radio with the two women who wrote this book on the left. I am not a reader but I know a lot of people find value and these two women who I thought had great ideas, and great value and ideas proven to work, and how to work with decision fatigue.Please do pass along this helpful information if you know someone suffering from indecision who are stressed out or sleeping a lot because they are overwhelmed.

It can add one more puzzle peace to your healing!

Source: Decision Fatigue – Elder Mountain Dreaming

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