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You know the Greek demigod Atlas? He’s the one who was condemned to carry the heavens on his shoulders for all of eternity.

Do you ever feel like that?

Like you have to carry the weight of the Universe on your shoulders or all hell will break lose?

That if you don’t single-handedly do the housework, cook dinner, pay the bills, rein in your kids (or your partner, or your clients), or whatever your version of this is, that it simply will not get done?

And that you have to say yes to every invitation, because on some level it sounds like fun, because you don’t want to miss out, or because you feel obligated?

So instead of feeling a sense of ease, you push your way through your day, pushing to move forward, pushing to get things done.

But you don’t just push things into place. You also push aside the things you really, really want to do.

And then after weeks go by, or maybe years, you suddenly realize, “WAIT! I’m now in my 40s or 50s or 60s (give or take a decade) and I haven’t done that thing I really, really want to do!” (Had a baby, written a book, started a business.)

And you feel like it’s too late.

But you hope it isn’t.

Because even though you’ve shoved your secret desire into the corner while you’ve waited for that elusive day when all of the drama and dishes and metaphoric diapers are finished, you still really, really want to do that thing you feel called to do.

But the overwhelm…

The full schedule…


Many women feel like this. (And if you don’t, share your secret with us here.)

These women want the day-to-day stuff to be DONE before they dive into what it is they really want to do. They want to feel ready or comfortable or worthy of sitting down to write their book or create their business or …

But there is something beyond the overwhelm, beyond the feeling worthy, beyond the busy schedule that is causing them to put their desires or purpose on hold. Those are just symptoms of a bigger problem.

That problem is the belief that you have to hold the Universe up or it will fall. That you have to push your way to get things done. That you have to pull up your boot straps and just bully your way through, and if this is how you’re moving through life, even engaging your purpose or desires won’t feel fun.

If you are pushing your way toward a goal, you are likely doing one or many of the following:

  • overanalyzing
  • overthinking
  • feeling anxiety
  • reacting (instead of conscious, thoughtful responding)
  • not practicing self-care
  • worrying it won’t work (or worrying it WILL work)
  • wanting to know how to do something before you can know how the way
  • worrying people won’t show up
  • worrying it won’t get done

And desperately trying to move forward with all of that going on in your head like a circus full of crazy clowns holding spinning plates while surrounded by dancing elephants.

In other words, you’re the ring leader and you feel like you have to metaphorically hold the circus in place or the lions and tigers and bears will eat everyone up.

So adding one more thing to a huge pile of stuff that must get done daily, even if it’s what you most want to do, is completely overwhelming and unfulfilling.

Because all of this pushing your way to the finish line (which doesn’t really exist because there will always be dishes–there is no finish line) causes you to feel dense, depressed, tired, and on occasion, like a rock star because who doesn’t feel awesome after they’ve completed 5 million tasks in one hour?

Yet if you’re trying to hold the weight of the Universe in your hands and if you’re afraid that giving up this control will cause the world to come tumbling down, it feels VERY difficult to put everything aside in order to focus on what you really want to do.

But fortunately, I have news for you. There is a WAY better way.


Not only is trying to PUSH your way through tasks hurting you, it’s counter productive.

Trying to push your way through your day-to-day tasks, or push yourself to get things done, causes density and the more density there is, the less flow there is.

What’s more helpful is this: release the burden you’re feeling and let God hold it for you. Let God (or your Higher Self, Christ Within, Goddess, Divine, Spirit, whatever) hold the Universe.

So you have God hold it and it frees you to just be in the flow. It lets you be in a state of surrender and then the allowing can happen.

You allow the next step to be revealed to you.

You allow the answers to come.

You allow the tasks to unfold in due time.

And when you do this, you free up a tremendous amount of energy. You are no longer worrying, overthinking, overanalyzing, or trying to will your way toward an outcome. You put the burden in God’s hands and you free yourself to receive the next steps to manifest your purpose, and then you take the next step.

You get the dishes done AND you fulfill your purpose.

It really is that simple. Everything else is extra.

It takes some practice–surrendering and allowing–but it is possible and doable. Once you’ve mastered it or even just understood the power of it, everything shifts for the better. I promise.

So what’s your secret?

How are you pushing yourself?

How do you let go of the PUSH and step into the ALLOW?

Share here.

Sweet dreaming,



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