3rd New Moon of Winter – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Lunar Monthly Musings by Phoenix the Elder – Greetings artists, people of dreams and visions, healers, seers and empaths… we have completed our second moon cycle of Capricorn now, which lasted till the very last moment! It hung onto its cycle with a fever – but on Jan 25th the energy shifted mid-afternoon and the water spilled releasing the Cancer’s full moons hold. Now we enter the final moon cycle of Winter and the electricity charge is much different and its goal is freedom, not responsibility. Aquarian and Sagittarius energy are the most rebellious of earth, even Trump, who is a Gemini with Uranus conjunct his Sun, will show the world how Uranian energy works for everyone to see.

I posted the first photo above to show you two main symbols of Uranus (Aquarian energy). The photo on the left is an expression of the 0-15 degrees Aquarius and the influences of Capricorn: The individual, the rebel, the true energy of  chaos within the family, corporations, government or business. The photo on the right, 15-30 degrees Aquarius, influenced by Pisces: The magical, the mystical and visionary or the self-sabotage sides of Aquarius/Uranus. This New Moon sits at 8 degrees Aquarius starting January 27, 2017, so we are going to express and observe in our personal world, the more challenging Capricorn issues of Saturn and Uranus’ who dislike of each other.

In families this will be the responsible one verses the chaos one, in community it will be the rebel verses structure, the closed minded verses the visionary and in the collective it will be the leadership and power verses the common sense and positive detachment that is required in great changes. So wherever you sit in the world this moon, try to understand the oppositions are the greatest of the year – this is because the new year (spring) hasn’t begun the new energy for the year yet, regardless what Sun calendars proclaim around the Winter Solstice.

1069420_488598261214698_683738790_nAll of you should have experienced some chaos already, if not, that train will arrive on time at the Leo Full Moon on Friday, Feb 10th. The work I teach is to structure soul and emotional chaos which is part true moon cycles. Its not to avoid it, its not about fearing this natural flow, its about jumping into it and letting it lead, showing you something about your fears, denials and avoidance of your own diving deep within which is hidden. That is what and where the mystery and magical is located for artists, dreamers, empaths etc.

Chaos Magic is truly a Uranian things, and those who study magic principles have no idea what true chaos means in the reality of you are going to experience the chaos, not others if you try to send anything out in this moon cycle. So be very wise to not do any type of magical work until spring comes when mother earth awakens. She does not like to be disturbed in her winter sleep.

I wrote an article a few months back of the Golden Baba, which are the golden grandmothers of our past. It spoke about the white indigenous tribe of the north who they in the 13th century called the “sleeping people” and if disturbed, they would wake up angry and also die. They were an old dream (bear) caln, who fell asleep around the Autumn Equinox and did not awaken until Spring. Of course, they died out because the new world order after the 12th century had no room for the old ones, just like everywhere else on earth.

vladislav-erkoFor those of you who are dreamers, its very important for you to give your self permission to dream in the three moons of winter and sleep more, especially if you have a water sun or moon (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio). Its necessary for you to maintain your natural emotional health, so try not to be swayed by the fire or earth clans people who hardly need any sleep and are on the go all the time.  Never compare yourself or your children to non-dreamer types.

I had to learn that lesson in my late 30s when my children were teenagers, I would say why can’t you behave like so and so and see them as an example, I had not mastered the mirror principles yet. I finally had so many good daggers thrown at me by my kids giving me flack for that, that I stopped and gave up.  So try to loosen the mother hen a bit this cycle (tribal or group thinking) and use your individual self or independent part of your self to chose only whats most important, most dangerous and most intense when dealing with your world to add some of your power to find balance. Then exercise the Fire Rooster you were born to be this moon cycle only (the little general) who protects and pays attention to purification and defense for healthy boundaries against those who want to eat you alive with their niceness.

Speaking of Fire Rooster energy, this new moon is also the Chinese New Year which brings fire and purification, of the bossy energy types! I will repeat again: Make sure the south direction of your home, house or property has some metal chimes hanging there until next February. Some bossy people are natural leaders, but some just need to cry and have a release and accept they are not the warrior types, they are just angry and under that anger, is a lot of sadness or depression which requires a lot of tears.

western-ukraineI ask people in the third moon of winter: “Where is your Rebel? Where is he or she hiding from you that either sabotages you or stands up for you? Remember all fixed signs must work together, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius must learn to be friends in order to help us navigate a fixed moon cycle. Taurus owns practicality, Leo owns Love, Scorpio sees in the Dark and Aquarius see’s all of them plus its own Rebel vs Chaos vs Visionary. So many feel people guilty for their rebel or their chaos and others make damn sure they do feel guilty for it. So in an Aquarian cycle, be emotionally detached and put on your armor but then when Pisces Moon comes next moon cycle, take the armor off, be emotional and throw that armor in the ocean of freedom.

Shame or Shaming others, used in an Aquarian cycle always backfires, so make sure you put that on the back burner, it is not a good attitude for this moon, and its wise to remember that you are truly your own worst enemy and nobody else is. This moon of winter says make a decision and stick to it, hell or high water. Fixed energy is to push through difficulty, slay the self (ego, vindictiveness or jealousy) and to give yourself so much trouble that you reach a higher level of your personal struggle. What I read out there in the spiritual world is, its all about the ONE LOVE, ONE WORLD, ONE ENERGY we are all connected to. That my friend is 1960s Aquarian bullshit and escapism that died on New Years Eve, 1970. We are all at different places, we all have different karma (vibration) and we are not all alike nor do we walk in that blindness or high.

Being Aquarian opposite Uranus with a Pisces Moon, I have had to learn to slay the self, then let go and put this on auto repeat most of my life til I got it right and once I joined the energy of the consciousness and actual cycles of the moon and mother earth, that became not only easier but it was so supportive to my spiritual path. A path that I was to survive, not play with its philosophies and theologies. So that is my wisdom for you so you can make it till the Spring Equinox with some self dignity left.

New Moon intentions for an Aquarian 3rd Moon of Winter Cycle:

I am independent
I accept my inner spiritual warrior (if your fearful)
I recognize my being right vs being happy
I become aware of one negative behavior (name what it is)
I practice silencing my thoughts
I nurture my emotional self
I practice projection in a positive and creative way
I am in the present moment (for the worriers / anxiety ones)
I am self-nurturing (if your continuing your healing path)
I protect my intimacy (those who fear speaking their needs)
I am capable & grounded in confrontation
I recognize my toxic behavior
I express my anger with self-control
I express my feelings (if your shy)
I recognize my false expectation
I bring into action my idealism
I am beautiful
I am making appropriate self judgement
I am intelligent
I breath to relax
I am observing more (for big talkers)
My needs are real
I trust my process

babd5e0d7a97745ed9dabe5d492061d6Last Note: Valentines Day is Feb 14 and the Full Moon in Leo is Feb 10th! So if something arises for you it might be around a release issue of Chaos Love.

Also in the Chart below: The Sun/Moon (new moon), are not really influenced by much here, but everywhere around them is a big fat T-Square (red triangle) which is tension. Since Leo is about relations on the full moon, note the mars, venus, chiron conjunction. If a love spat arises, just know that your personal woundedness will arise, so use it to your advantage to learn about where you are wounded in love.

Also practice being still, meditate, and focus on your groundedness and let the Chaos fly all around you. Try really hard NOT TO GET INVOLVE IN OTHER PEOPLES CHAOS this moon cycle…  you work on YOUR own chaos, and if involved in other peoples chaos, just practice a bit more silence and observe more of what is happening. Whatever you do, keep your mouth shut. That is my BEST wisdom for the month. If you do have to go chaos on a situation, make sure its worth the battle…

Blessings on the New Moon, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day!

Source: 3rd New Moon of Winter – Elder Mountain Dreaming

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