Create New Year’s Revelations, Not Resolutions

By Amy Brucker

I used to do New Year’s Resolutions. I’d create a ridiculous goal like, “I’ll never eat chocolate or drink wine again.” Then come January 1st, I’d see the leftover bottle of Zinfandel next to the Christmas cookies. End of resolution.

After many failed attempts at making resolutions stick, and feeling like a total loser, I discovered the main flaw in this process, and it’s something no one ever talks about.

New Year’s Resolutions and Themes are typically created using your conscious, thinking mind, which limits you to only seeing what you already know. Your current situation in health, wealth, life, and love is based on what you know, so creating a resolution based on what you already know is bound to get you to Nowheresville.

In other words, your conscious mind can only get you so far.

If you truly want to make a shift, you need to access a richer, deeper place. You need to connect with your higher mind and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that.

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Create New Year’s Revelations, Not Resolutions – Amy Bruckner

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